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The New Automotive Policy 2014 – Prices going down, but not news on APs

The highly anticipated NAP or National Automotive Policy 2014 was unveiled by Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, the Minister of International Trade and Industry.
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Are you worried sick about the second-hand value of your car?

It has been talked about a million times. When you buy your car, always look at the manufactured date because you want the car to have a ‘shorter’ life when you sell it later. In other words, you want your car to have a goo...
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Top 5 deadliest and top 5 accident-prone roads in Kuala Lumpur

Road accidents in Klang Valley happens everyday. The causes of road accidents range from carelessness to reckless driving and from fatigue to offensive drivers.
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What your teenager child should now before you pass the car keys over

So, your son or daughter has got her ‘P’ license and is ready to drive to college. Regardless if you are buying a new car or handing your keys over, there are certain things that they should know before driving off. This is...
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With this iPhone app, you can drive your car remotely

Somewhere not in the too distant future, cars can be controlled through our mobile phones. In fact, this has been envisioned about 15 years ago when James Bond remotely controlled his car in the blockbuster movie Tomorrow Never...
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How to choose the right tyre for your car

Malaysian roads are very unique. Everyone knows that. We have the weirdest places where potholes exist and the strangest places where bumps are built. On certain stretches, there are more bumps and humps than others which is hi...
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Car Rental Companies in Malaysia

Car Orient The Car Orient rental company offer a wide range of cars for hire. Here is where one is able to rent a car for a day, a week or a month and then enjoy a stay in Klang Valley by visiting the places on their own. The c...
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Driving advice under the haze condition

The haze is upon us. Malaysia is experiencing some of the worst haze conditions in recent years and this has caused a lot of hardship for people from all walks of life.
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What can you do with your 10-year old Proton Iswara?

Every Malaysian knows Proton Saga. In fact those who can afford it would have owned a Proton Saga or Iswara once before. The Proton Saga is the first model that came out from the national carmaker’s stable and it has made a l...
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Honda-Proton tie-up to roll out new model in next few months

This could be some exciting news for the Malaysian automotive industry especially with the latest joint-venture announced by national carmaker Proton with Japanese giant Honda Motor Corp.
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Must-Do things when driving long-distance

And so, you have all the holiday plans worked out. You’ve got the hotel, the theme park tickets and even the places where you intend to eat. But you might have overlooked something. Have you checked your car’s condition?
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Whoops! I locked my keys in the car. What should I do?

This happens to us every once in a while. Unintentionally, we leave the car not knowing that the keys are still in the ignition hole and then lock the doors. That is one of the most catastrophic things that can happen to any dr...
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Why you should/should not buy a hybrid/electric car?

The offering of incentives for hybrid and electric cars by the government of Malaysia saw all the automotive brands bringing in their own versions of eco-friendly vehicles to our markets. As they are exempted from excise tax an...
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Do you need to wash your car even if it looks clean?

So your car looks extremely clean and shiny. It has not been raining for a few days which is why it does not look dirty. So does that mean that you need not give it a wash since you barely drove it?
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Tips to extend the lifespan of your car

Like it or not and whether you know it or not, there are certain things that you should do that can extend the lifespan of your car. Ever wondered how certain cars still look very new after a few decades while some new cars whi...
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Tips on how to save petrol when driving around Malaysian roads

With petrol price rising each year, more and more people are looking at alternatives like hybrid cars and even motorbikes instead of using the standard petrol-powered cars. But changing to a hybrid car could be an expensive opt...
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Top 3 Car Maintenance Myths

A lot of people would give you different types of opinions when it comes to car maintenance. Some will tell you that it would be best to keep your wipers up when you are parking under the sun while others tell you to put on Neu...
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When is the best time to change your car’s absorbers?

There are absorbers attached to each wheel in your car, each of which helps to ensure that your drive is as comfortable as possible. On Malaysian roads, the situation can be quite challenging because our roads are filled with h...
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4 Main Causes of Traffic Jams in Malaysia

When you are stuck in a traffic jam, chances are you will think, why are the roads so jammed? If you can you would want to just fly out and reach your destination but that is not possible of course.
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Malaysian Traffic Rules – The Funny Side of Things

Everyone knows that driving in Malaysia can be a drag. In fact, it is a constant maneuver of sorts for Malaysian drivers. In any sense, Malaysians are known to be one of the friendliest people in the world, that is, until they ...
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